The Assist Pendant

At AnswerQuik, we offer a comprehensive suite of omni-channel customer experience services designed to elevate your business's interactions with customers. 

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with your customers, no matter where they engage with your brand. 

Assist Pendant

With a 400′ range from its base and a 3-year battery life*, the Assist Pendant provides fall security for the whole home. Features a water-resistant wearable pendant!
Telephone line required.

Enhanced Assist Pendant

The Enhanced Assist Pendant comes pre-loaded with the user’s personal medical profile and provides medication reminders to help your loved one stay on track. This unit can also be paired with a smoke detector. A home telephone line is not required. 
Fall Detection is available.

Freedom Pendant

The Freedom Pendant is the first truly mobile personal emergency response system on the market. It is FCC-approved to be worn on the body and water resistant up to 1 meter. It utilizes three-way fall detection to send emergency alerts even if the user is unable to do so manually, making this the perfect for users who want to maintain both independence and peace of mind.